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Il Signor Bruschino overture: Brass Quintet (score & parts): intermediate level
Il Signor Bruschino overture: Brass Quintet (score & parts): intermediate level
Il Signor Bruschino overture: Brass Quintet (score & parts): intermediate level
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Il Signor Bruschino overture: Brass Quintet (score & parts): intermediate level

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"Il Signor Bruschino" Overture: A Vibrant Brass Quintet Arrangement by Francesco Leone
Dive into the exuberant world of Gioacchino Rossini with Francesco Leone's engaging transcription of the "Il Signor Bruschino" overture for brass quintet. This intermediate-level arrangement captures the essence of Rossini's opera with its playful themes and dynamic contrasts, offering brass musicians a delightful challenge that showcases the versatility and expressive power of their instruments. Perfect for ensembles looking to explore the operatic repertoire, Leone's transcription brings the spirited atmosphere of Rossini's work to the brass quintet setting.
Arrangement Details:
  • Instrumentation: The arrangement features parts for B♭ Trumpets 1-2, French Horn in F, Trombone, and Tuba, thoughtfully crafted to reflect the original's orchestral texture and Rossini's innovative scoring. Each instrument plays a vital role in conveying the overture's lively spirit and intricate melodies.
  • Alternative Parts: Acknowledging the diverse configurations of brass ensembles, this e-book includes alternative parts for E♭ Horn, t.c, (treble clef) for Trombone (as a Horn substitution), Trombone t.c, and Tuba in E♭ and B♭ t.c,, enhancing the arrangement's versatility. These options allow ensembles to adapt the piece according to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a more inclusive and flexible performance experience.
  • Set of Parts (10): The package comprises a full score and ten individual parts, all meticulously prepared to facilitate an efficient and enjoyable rehearsal process. The clear and accessible notation enables intermediate players to navigate the piece's complexities with confidence, focusing on the expressive and technical aspects of the performance.
Exclusive Online Resources:
Elevate your ensemble's rendition with the audio demo available at This resource offers a precise reference for interpreting the overture's tempo, dynamics, and stylistic nuances, serving as an essential aid for both individual practice and group rehearsals. It ensures that musicians can achieve a cohesive and lively performance that honors Rossini's original composition.
Bring Rossini's Operatic Flair to Your Brass Quintet:
Francesco Leone's transcription of "Il Signor Bruschino" overture invites intermediate brass quintets to experience the joy and sophistication of Rossini's music. Whether preparing for a performance, competition, or exploring the rich operatic repertoire, this arrangement promises to be a rewarding addition to your musical journey. Embrace the opportunity to celebrate the brilliance of Rossini's operatic overture through the powerful and nuanced medium of brass chamber music.
Data di uscita31 lug 2020
Il Signor Bruschino overture: Brass Quintet (score & parts): intermediate level

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    Il Signor Bruschino overture - Gioacchino Rossini

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